Our Services
Why We’re
We Believe In…
  • Experience and a great track record. Our team collectively has over 50+ years of experience with studios and agencies covering both film and TV
  • Anticipating and understanding our clients’ needs
  • Involving all our team members in campaigns
  • Consistent communication with our clients
  • Real-time updates and up-to-date status reports
  • Carefully curated campaigns where no stone is left unturned
  • Never giving up! A pass from an editor is not a pass from a publication
  • The importance of proper positioning from the onset of the campaign
  • Crafting the best narrative for projects through a carefully constructed synopsis and key set/clips that exemplify the story we are telling
  • A sense of urgency and that ASAP really means immediately
  • World-class events firmly based in campaign narrative and positioning where clients, talent and attendees know they’re in for a bespoke experience and will be well taken care of
  • Kindness and politeness
Publicity Services
Launch + Release Campaigns For Film + Television
We develop and implement strategic and innovative communication campaigns through positioning, publicity, events, materials and set the overall tone, rhythm and cadence for each distinct project. Services include:
Strategy + Positioning
  • Ideating and crafting the narrative
  • Craft/edit synopsis to properly position the project
  • Edit key set of images to assure alignment with positioning and strategic direction
  • Review publicity clips
  • Craft/edit talking points for creators/talent
  • Edit production notes
  • Screen project for “friendly” critics to obtain sense of critical response
  • Determine run date of reviews to run/embargo lifted
  • Pitch and secure first look image, trailer launch and clip
  • Liaise with showrunners, key crew, talent and personal publicists
  • Pitch and secure reviews in key newspapers, trade outlets, radio, websites and magazines across the country
  • Obtain reactions from press
  • Cull quotes and seek approval from journalists
  • Pitch and secure national and regional talk shows
  • Pitch and secure radio tours, radio interviews and podcasts
  • Pitch and secure features in national and regional newspapers, magazines and websites
  • Plan and implement press days
  • Invite and handle press at red carpet events
  • Service breaks twice daily
  • Provide weekly status reports
Secure word-of-mouth screenings with media partners, guilds and awards organizations, film classes, membership houses, film societies, industry-adjacent influencer groups, campus screenings, media partner events, cultural programming opportunities, etc.
  • Oversee invite creative and distribution
  • Venue/moderator procurement and relations
  • RSVP management
  • Event logistics
  • Professional and experienced staffers for check-in and more
  • Recap reports
  • Voter/attendee tracking
Awards Services
Awards Campaigns for Film + Television
Strategy + Campaign Overview
Develop and implement strategic and comprehensive awards campaigns including but not limited to positioning, festival participation, publicity, events, materials, advertising and the overall tone, rhythm and cadence in the awards space for each distinct project
Awards Campaign Preparation + Planning
Budget development + preparation, key dates, schedules, FYC lists, eligibility, synopses and general planning
Awards Screenings + Events
Develop and execute screening and events programs including FYC events, tastemakers, premieres, press engagements, media partner activations, guild official screenings and events, pre- and post-nomination screening schedules, cultural programming, etc., including venue relations, moderator procurement and briefings, RSVP management and communication, oversight/management of all event vendors, sponsors and partners, staffing and recap reports, voter/attendee tracking
Awards Publicity
Oversight + execution of awards publicity efforts including guild publications, trade “special issues,” digital outlets specific to awards, crafts publications, filmmaker magazines, communicating with awards pundits, bloggers and writers, advisement on press gifts, etc.
Critics Groups Engagement
Oversight + execution of critics groups activities and communications including special events, special mailers, gifts and communication content and frequency
Honors, Tributes + Retrospectives
Seek out opportunities for participation and recognition at industry awards celebrations, panels and events for creators, cast and crafts artists
Materials + Special Programming
Oversight of the preparation and distribution of physical and digital materials including screeners, screenplays, scores, quote mailers, clips, special reels, etc.
Strategic direction on ad creative and media buys for print, digital, broadcast and outdoor
Competitive Landscape + Predictions Tracking
Feedback on the competitive landscape and prediction charts aggregating all major pundits provided weekly
Accolades + Top Tens Tracking
Create and update client accolades/top tens
Event Planning + Execution
Premieres • Parties • WOM Engagements • Experiential Activations • Tastemakers • FYC Events • Guild Officials • Bonus Screenings • Comprehensive Pre- and Post-Nomination Screening Programs • Media Partner Screenings • Cultural Programming
We Deliver...
  • A high level of curation, commitment and capability
  • Ingenuity + flexibility
  • Publicity integration
  • Success for all budget levels
  • Professional + experienced staffers in key markets
We Handle…
  • Venue relations
  • Moderator procurement
  • Conversation briefings
  • Party planning
  • Guest list services
  • Staffing
  • Publicity/pre- and post-event coverage
  • Vendor oversight + management
    • Caterers
    • Valet
    • Décor + rentals
    • Entertainment
    • Invite creation + distribution
    • Curated lists
    • RSVP management
    • Recap reports
    • Voter/guest tracking